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10.06.2016 - TRAVEL DAY

Its June 10th, 2016 and its a travel day. Early in the morning I said goodbye to Jane and John. I filled up the car again and then drove to Brisbane International Airport. Car drop off and check in went very fast and smooth. The flight to Bali took six hours. At least I was lucky and had a complete row to myself, so I could spread out. The disadvantage - it was the last row and I had no choice in terms of meals as there was only one left, so I had pasta. There was no entertainment on the flight - finally the chance to sleep and I took it. Arrival in Bali, Indonesia. New continent, new culture, new customs. First of all I went through immigration, where I got my Visa on Arrival, which allows me to stay for 30 days, but I stay five days longer and rather pay the fine for overstay instead of paying for a visa extension, since its almost the same price. After that I went to the baggage carousel and waited and waited and... waited. It took me over an hour to get my luggage and I even double checked if there was a belt change. When I left the airport building, heat shock. While I woke up a few hours ago with 12 degrees celsius in Brisbane, it is now 35 degrees celsius, feels 40 degrees celsius with a humidity of 80%. Feels great... but wait - it gets even better and by better I mean hotter. At least the driver of the hostel picked me up at the airport in an air-conditioned van. During the drive I got a first impression of the traffic here. After arrival at the hostel I was able to check in directly, got to know the owner - an Englishman - and then rested for an hour. In the evening I went for a walk through Sanur with 35 degrees celsius and my first impression of this evening is as follows. Dirty, stuffy, noisy, rats and cockroaches everywhere... sounds good right? Is this going to change during the next couple weeks?

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Hello Everyone, I know I have to catch up with my blog and release so much more entries, but I am very busy traveling and do other stuff at the moment and therefore the blog is on hold. Hope to catch



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