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The preparation started with writing down all the countries I want to visit in no specific order. I simply wrote down what came to my mind and sorted out everything later on. Its a huge amount of work to figure out what works best in terms of flight connections, weather conditions etc. and still being able to travel on a budget. Many countries have rainy seasons or hurricane seasons so do your homework and do the research before you go. The first country that made it on the list was New Zealand and even though many things changed during the preparations, New Zealand ended up being still on top. I wanted to go as far as possible and I think you cant go much further than to New Zealand. January 5th 2016 it happened, I boarded the plane and left. I left Germany, I left everything behind. I had a plan, but I traveled into the unknow. Its the best feeling you can experience.

Relaxed 24h later I touched down in New Zealand. I should have been tired, right? I wasnt. Jetleg was not an issue. I was so pumped and hungry to explore. After picking up my rental car I drove to the hostel for a shower and after a short break immediately went to Piha Beach. Freedom was real. I traveled the North Island for a good month, exploring as many parts as possible, but one month is not enough. A good reason to come back.

New Zealand is unbelievable. I had high expectations and New Zealand didnt disappoint. One of my personal highlights was Mount Taranaki. The diversity New Zealand provides is simply stunning. You have beautiful beaches, mountains, volcanoes, forests, lakes and countless possibilities of hiking and other outdoor activities all in one place.

Traveling solo is a unique adventure you should try at least once in your life. It forces you to grow, talk to strangers and trust people you usually wont. It builds up a different way of thinking in terms of what matters in your life, things you value, people you want to have around you and a lot more. It provides a different view on your life you havent seen before and you cant see it unless you go. Dont be scared of traveling solo, you will always meet other people to talk to, especially if you like to stay in hostels. I am way more into camping and outdoor adventures, but of course also stayed in hostels from time to time. That also depends on the countries you travel, but more on that later on. It took me two days on the road until I made a new friend I am still on touch with. Go for it. The crazier your adventure the greater the people you will meet.

Traveling is a rollercoaster in terms of emotions. Leaving New Zealands North Island made me incredibly sad, but knowing there is another awesome adventure called "Australia" around the corner made me jump in circles because of happiness.

peace and love

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Hello Everyone, I know I have to catch up with my blog and release so much more entries, but I am very busy traveling and do other stuff at the moment and therefore the blog is on hold. Hope to catch


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